Frequently Asked Questions

What does deductible mean?

If you have a policy including a deductible, you have to pay the indicated amount for each injury or illness yourself. This amount will not be reimbursed by the insurer.

What happens in case of an emergency?

Your CareMed insurance plan includes CareMed Assist, our worldwide 24-hour emergency medical assistance service. By dialing this number, you will receive multilingual help and advice in the event of an emergency.The number is stated on your confirmation. Additionally, each insured has online access to myCareMed, where detailed information for emergency assistance and claims processing can be found.

How do I know which physician I can go to?

You have a free choice of physician/hospital. If you are traveling in the USA, we strongly recommend medical providers participating in the First Health Network, in order to avoid additional costs for you. Please visit our U.S. Provider Search website or call CareMed Assist to receive a list of providers in your area.

How do I file a claim?

Please send the following documents to the appropriate Claims Center within 60 days after the treatment: completed claim form and all original itemized bills, receipts and records related to a particular claim (please keep in mind to make copies for your own records), and medical reports from the physician including any reports, laboratory and X-ray documents, etc.

I need medication on a regular basis. Will CareMed cover the costs?

Pre-existing conditions are excluded from insurance coverage. Therefore, CareMed won't reimburse treatments costs related to conditions that were already treated prior to your trip.

Do I have to pay each treatment up-front?

Please inform the doctor/hospital that you are insured through CareMed. In most cases CareMed will pay the medical provider directly. If you receive the bill instead, please forward it together with a completed claim form to the applicable claims center.

The provider asks for immediate payment. Do I have to pay in advance?

In this case, please pay the provider and send the original invoice together with a completed claim form to the claims office. You will find claim form and the address of your claims office on your insurance confirmation.

I want to have a preventive medical check-up done. Will I be covered under my insurance benefits?

Any kind of routine examination, test, or check-up (including - but not limited to - allergy check-ups, visual tests, and pregnancy tests) are excluded from the insurance coverage.

Pre-existing conditions are excluded from coverage. What does that mean?

A treatment is considered pre-existing if you had a related condition within the last 12 months prior to your departure. For the complete list of limitations and exclusions, please read your terms and conditions.

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