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The plan is provided by CareMed Insurance, in Cooperation with CISI and underwritten by Crum and Forster

Coverage Summary

Travel Health/Accident Insurance Maximum Limits
Medical Expenses in case of Accident or illness $1,000,000
Deductible Options – Per Injury or Illness $0
Non-Emergent Emergency Room Illness Deductible (for Zone 1 only) $300.00
Emergency Dental Care – Relief of Pain $2,500.00
Dental Treatment in Case of Accident $1,500.00
Inpatient Mental Nervous Up to 30 days max
Outpatient Mental Nervous Up to 30 visits max
Medical Evacuation $100,000.00
Repatriation of Remains $25,000.00
    Physiotherapy Up to Policy max
    Diagnostic X-Ray and Lab Services 100%
    Diagnostic CAT Scans and MRI 100%
    Medical Aids $250 .00
Travel Accident Indemnity Insurance Maximum Limits
Death $13,000.00
*Complete Disability $50,000.00
Travel Assistance Maximum Limits
Family Reunion Benefit $2,500.00
Interruption of Trip Benefit (available for long-term traveler only – 3 months +) $2,000.00
Travel Luggage Insurance Maximum Limits
Deductible any one event (does not apply to checked luggage) $50.00
Theft/damage of personal property $1,500.00
Watches and Valuables – 50% of sum Insured $750.00
Checked Luggage Delay $500.00
Eyeglasses and Contact lenses $250.00
Lost airline ticket $100.00
Travel Third Party Liability Insurance (3) Maximum Limits
Personal Liability $500,000.00
Damage to Property $150,000.00
Overall for personal
liability and damage
to property not to
Host Family – Property Damage $1,000.00

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